electrical jokes

I have this funny electrical joke about my cat being annoyed by the fact that my phone charger cord is too short.

Of course, the joke goes that my cat is a human being who was trying to use a human to plug in his power strip. But he ended up using a mouse.

Don’t worry, your cat is a normal cat, and not a human. So he can’t be offended.

Well, if I’m being totally honest, my cat isn’t very happy with my “cord is too short” joke anyway. She’s not a normal cat. She’s a cat who happens to be a cat. And a cat can be a human. A cat can be a human with a human’s human emotions. A cat can be a human with a human’s humanity. So she’s not a cat. But she’s a cat. That’s what cats are.

So my cat does have a human personality, and shes not a cat. But shes a cat. And cats are cats. Thats what cats are.

Thats a little more subtle than the above, but the same idea applies.

In case you were wondering, the above joke was not mine. I was being a cat.

Which reminds me of an oldie but goodie. I just wrote a post about the best joke ever written using that exact line, and it was an oldie too. The best joke ever written is a bit of a stretch, because I don’t know if its a joke or not, but it is so funny, and I don’t think that it really makes sense.

Well, that was the first time I laughed. I was like, whats the joke? Well, I dunno, the joke couldnt be any better. And the best part was that I felt like the funniest person in the universe. Thats pretty good.

The best joke ever? It was the very first post I ever made on the site, and I wrote it in a day, but I dont think it was the best one. It was a lame joke about the guy falling off a cliff, but that was probably the funniest joke I ever wrote. And I still feel that way.

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