HINSON: Crafting Bespoke Timber Joinery Solutions

HINSON designs, produces, and installs high-quality timber joinery items. Since its founding in 1984, the business has earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality goods and providing excellent customer service.

Who is HINSON?

Family-owned and -operated HINSON has been in business for 40 years. They are based in Suffolk and offer bespoke joinery services. These include the creation, production, and installation of wooden windows, doors, stairways, and conservatories.

The business employs master artisans committed to providing customers with the most outstanding products possible. To make strong and beautiful items, they only utilize the highest-quality materials and cutting-edge technology.

HINSON Services

HINSON offers a range of bespoke joinery services, including:

1. Timber windows

Casement, sash, and bay windows are all part of HINSON’s timber window selection. Additionally, they can create custom windows to fit your exact specifications.

2. Timber Doors 

HINSON offers front doors, French doors, and bi-folding doors in its timber door selection. Additionally, they may make custom doors to your exact needs.

3. Staircases

The assortment of staircases by HINSON includes spiral, curved, and straight designs. Additionally, they may design custom staircases to accommodate any area.

4. Conservatories 

HINSON creates a variety of conservatories, such as Victorian, Edwardian, and lean-to styles.

5. Roof lanterns

HINSON offers flat and pitched roof lantern designs. Additionally, they can design custom roof lanterns to fit any area.

HINSON’s Guarantee

HINSON’s products are guaranteed. Hardwood items are warranted for 35 years, and softwood items are warranted for 25 years. Sealed units are warranty for five years, hardware is warranted for ten years, and workmanship is warranty for ten years. Paint is guaranteed for eight years, and stain is backed up for five years.


Because of their dedication to sustainability, HINSON takes significant effort to ensure that all of their products are made with environmentally friendly materials and procedures. They exclusively work with FSC-certified wood harvested from restored forests.

HINSON strives to minimize waste and lower carbon footprint, while employing sustainable products. They have solar panels on the roof of their facility and employ energy-efficient technology in manufacturing.

What Sets HINSON Apart?

Through their commitment to quality and client satisfaction, HINSON stands apart from competitors. Every product they manufacture is carefully inspected to ensure that it is of the highest caliber. It satisfies all of their customers’ requirements.

In addition, HINSON provides a full range of services, from initial consultation and design to production and installation. They collaborate extensively with their customers to ensure that their products are delivered on schedule, under budget, and satisfy all of their particular criteria.

Last but not least, HINSON master craftsmen are passionate about what they do and enjoy it. They have a lot of experience making custom joinery goods and are constantly searching for fresh, cutting-edge methods to enhance their offerings.


Finally, it should be noted that HINSON is a top supplier of bespoke joinery products, windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries, staircases, and other services. The business employs skilled designers and artisans dedicated to providing customers with high-quality items that satisfy their needs. Clients select HINSON for their joinery needs due to its extensive guarantees and sustainability commitment.

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