Exploring the Work of Peter Hetherston in Aberdeen


Peter Hetherston, a contemporary artist based in Aberdeen, is renowned for his unique and captivating artistic creations that blend elements of nature and urban landscapes. His work is a reflection of his deep connection with the city of Aberdeen and its surroundings, capturing the essence of the region in a truly remarkable way.

The Artistic Journey of Peter Hetherston:

Peter Hetherston’s artistic journey began in his formative years, where he developed a keen interest in the interplay between natural and man-made elements. His early works often featured intricate drawings of cityscapes juxtaposed with elements of nature, showcasing his fascination with the coexistence of these contrasting environments.

As Hetherston’s career progressed, he started experimenting with different mediums and techniques, eventually finding his voice in the realm of mixed media art. His distinctive style involves blending traditional painting techniques with elements of collage and assemblage, creating multi-dimensional artworks that invite the viewer to explore them from various perspectives.

Themes in Peter Hetherston’s Work:

Urban-Nature Interplay: One of the predominant themes in Hetherston’s work is the interplay between urban landscapes and natural elements. His artworks often depict scenes where man-made structures coexist harmoniously with elements of nature, symbolizing the delicate balance between these two seemingly disparate worlds.

Sense of Place: Hetherston’s deep connection with Aberdeen is evident in his work, as he captures the essence of the city and its surroundings with great attention to detail. His artworks evoke a sense of place, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere of the region.

Exploration of Texture and Form: Hetherston’s use of mixed media allows him to explore texture and form in innovative ways. His artworks feature layers of paint, paper, and found objects, creating a tactile and visually engaging experience for the viewer.

Evolving Landscapes: Through his art, Hetherston also explores the concept of evolving landscapes, showcasing how urban environments transform over time and interact with the natural world. His works often depict scenes that blur the boundaries between past and present, inviting contemplation on the cyclical nature of change.

A Closer Look at Peter Hetherston’s Techniques:

Hetherston’s artistic process is a meticulous and intricate one, involving a combination of painting, collage, and assemblage techniques. He starts by creating a base layer of paint on canvas, often using a variety of textures and colors to establish the mood and atmosphere of the artwork.

Next, Hetherston incorporates elements of collage, adding layers of paper, fabric, and other found objects to create depth and complexity. This process allows him to build up the composition gradually, experimenting with different textures and forms until he achieves the desired effect.

In the final stages of his artwork, Hetherston often adds details through painting and drawing, refining the composition and adding personal touches that enhance the overall narrative of the piece. The result is a rich and dynamic artwork that invites viewers to explore its intricate details and discover new elements with each viewing.

Exploring Aberdeen Through Peter Hetherston’s Eyes:

Through his art, Peter Hetherston offers viewers a unique perspective on the city of Aberdeen and its surrounding landscapes. His works serve as a visual narrative of the region, capturing its essence in a way that is both imaginative and evocative.

Hetherston’s ability to blend elements of nature and urban landscapes in his art reflects his deep appreciation for the rich tapestry of Aberdeen’s environment. His works invite viewers to reflect on the beauty of the city and its surroundings, offering a fresh and dynamic interpretation of familiar scenes.


  1. What inspires Peter Hetherston’s artwork?
    Peter Hetherston draws inspiration from the interplay between urban and natural environments, as well as his deep connection with the city of Aberdeen and its surroundings.

  2. How does Peter Hetherston use mixed media in his art?
    Peter Hetherston incorporates elements of collage, painting, and assemblage in his artworks, creating multi-dimensional compositions that explore texture and form.

  3. What themes are prevalent in Peter Hetherston’s work?
    Themes of urban-nature interplay, sense of place, exploration of texture and form, and evolving landscapes are prevalent in Peter Hetherston’s art.

  4. What techniques does Peter Hetherston use in his artistic process?
    Peter Hetherston’s artistic process involves painting, collage, and assemblage techniques, where he builds up layers of paint, paper, and found objects to create intricate and dynamic artworks.

  5. How does Peter Hetherston capture the essence of Aberdeen in his art?
    Through his unique artistic vision, Peter Hetherston captures the essence of Aberdeen by blending elements of nature and urban landscapes in his artworks, evoking a sense of place and exploration.

In conclusion, Peter Hetherston’s work offers a compelling exploration of Aberdeen and its surrounding landscapes, showcasing his unique artistic vision and innovative use of mixed media techniques. Through his art, Hetherston invites viewers to see the city in a new light, appreciating its beauty and complexity in a fresh and dynamic way.

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